Accessibility labeling and certification in tourism.

Verified. Reliable. Detailed.

Embracing every traveler and each visitor, regardless of different ability and variety of needs, we provide checked, reliable and detailed information.

Our guarantee

Data and information on accessibility collected and checked by external, specially trained access experts on site and not as a self-assessment of the company.

A training on “Accessibility as a quality and convenience feature in Tourism” for employees.

An information and management system that enables the guest to assess the suitability of the offer for their own needs.

Accessibility-certified Label
Information about accessibility label

The Benefits

  • Accessibility serves not only disable persons but elderly, family with children and others
  • The significance of the elderly travelers, who prefer long stays and shoulder season, is the potential and contribution to the All-year around tourism
  • Planning, developing and implementing accessible services and facilities contributes to inclusive and sustainable tourism
  • The provision of accessible information, inevitable during most stages of the travel-process, is not a straight-forward process. Reliable and detail information requires trained and independent assessors
  • Information and communication channels, which are critical for accessibility, enable people to make informed decision about travel plans


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