Inclusive Greece: Accessibility certification and labelling in tourism


Accessible tourism is a segment with growth and great economic potential in Greece

One billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability or have special needs. For them, detailed and reliable information about the use and experience of touristic facilities is an essential basis for their travel choice

Accessible tourism is one of the few segments with growth and great economic potential

Barrier-free travel is essential for about 15% of the world population, helpful for 40% and of course, comfortable for 100%

Certification and a transparent labelling system as a quality criterion in tourism

Inclusive Greece is the Greek certifier representing “Tourism-for-All“, a labelling system in the segment of barrier-free tourism. Developed over the last 10 years of cooperation and coordination with affected associations as well as experts in tourism and well known in the industry. It is the only labelling and certification system in tourism, providing necessary information for guests collected by trained and independent assessors using clear quality criteria.