Based on the detailed information on the actual condition on site, the labeling is carried out by the certification authority DSFT in Berlin. Depending on the accessibility and usability, your offer / business will be marked with 1. “information on accessibility” or 2. “accessibility checked”.

A certificate and detailed reports that can be used as a basis for improvement and future planning will be provided.

1.The label “Information on accessibility” indicates that detailed and checked information on accessibility is available for all groups of people.

Information about accessibility label

2. The label “Accessibility checked” is based on “Information on accessibility” and it means that the quality criteria for certain groups of people are also partially or completely met.

Accessibility-certified Label

The logo is supplemented by pictograms of the 7 main groups that have been defined . They indicate which requirements the offer fulfills for the corresponding groups of people. The pictograms are established within the target groups and are correctly recognized by the majority of people.