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When we started thinking of accessible beaches in 2009, we were considered crazy.

When we started thinking of accessible beaches in 2009, we were considered crazy as accessibility in Greece was neglected. In 2012, we installed a few SEATRACs, patented device for independent swimming in the sea for people with mobility issues. Last year, 116 beaches were accessible with more than 30.000 uses! Inclusion is our goal and change can happen!

Ignatios Fotiou
Director at TOBEA Ltd

The purpose of our Temos International Healthcare Accreditation programs is to assess the quality of medical and non-clinical services in hospitals and clinics worldwide.

It helps to identify potential for improvements and to optimize medical services delivered to domestic patients but also international patients while traveling.

Any standards set up with quality criteria and based on scientific evidence have the purpose to neutrally assess, evaluate and validate the provided services. As a result of professional assessments, we can identify potential for improvement and provide a valuable source to optimize the offered quality.

The implementation and realization of international standards in touristic destinations reflect the quality of a destination and influences the reputation and popularity of a destination for travelers. Continuously striving to improve quality means aligning activities with standards, and finally serves as guidance for high-quality and sustainable development. Without question, this contributes to the competitiveness and long-term attractiveness of any destination.
My best wishes to “InclusiveGreece” and its “Tourism for all” initiative to assure certified quality for travelers with disabilities.

Dr. Claudia Mika
CEO Temos International Healthcare Accreditation

Unfortunately, the “barrier-free” segment is still far too often considered a small one Niche misunderstood.

It is completely disregarded that many very happy to travel and financially strong people even in old age want to be mobile and rely on this accessibility. Tourism professionals who have this potential in times of socio-demographic Have recognized change will become the over the next few years

Belong to winners.

Karl B. Bock
Managing Director
Accessible Tour Operator

There are two aspects in accessible tourism, the humanitarian aspect and the business aspect of things.

Truth is most hotels offer some kind of infrastructure to welcome guests with accessibility issues, therefore it is only logical to properly communicate hotel services in order to potentially attract this target market.

There are over one billion people worldwide that live with various disabilities and usually travel along with friends and/or family. An untapped market that can become an important income source for hotels around the world with minimum effort, just by properly communicating hotel facilities and services. Apart from the business aspect of things, the humane side is just to offer people with disabilities the proper information for them to make a cognitive decision on booking holidays and hotel accommodation.

Investing in accessibility infrastructure is not necessary but properly communicating hotel services and making it easy for people to find the information they are looking for, can really make a difference both to the people and the businesses.“

Alexandros Svyriadis
Skopelos Village Hotel

InclusiveGreece is an excellent opportunity to focus on one of the megatrends for tourism and travel for the years coming.

This megatrend is without a doubt the Silver hair tourists. Global population is aging and so called silver hair tourists are becoming a major segment. This percentage of the population over 60 is estimated to grow to 21% by 2050. With a satisfactory disposable income, less home responsibilities, more time to travel and relatively good health, they are an important tourist segment and are expected to spend more than all other age groups on holiday travels. In addition they are not bind in any school holidays and can fill any hotel in seasons with low demand.

These travelers have of course certain needs. In order to be successful in this segment, you have to be ready and to foresee the demands of these customers and meet their requirements. This will help you to be ready to offer a professional approach on any request this segment might ask for. Preventing the obstacles with standards you implement will raise your recognition and will attract many new customers you have never thought of. If you are well prepared you will get the opportunity to get a part of these travellers and InclusiveGreece has the expertise to support you in this project.

Fotis Fakes
Senior Director Operations
International Resort Hotels at Deutsche Hospitality

When looking for a hotel to book, my sister has access requirements she looks for including mobility, vision and cognitive dimensions in order to be able to fully enjoy her stay with her family and friends independently and with the same dignity as everyone else.

If she does not find information about accessibility at a hotel, she books another hotel with all her family and friends. So the first hotel she actually liked loses not only her booking, but the booking of usually at least 5 more rooms.

Professionally, since 1997 I have worked with numerous hotels of all sizes, quality and categories in Greece and all over the world. I experience that often hotels consider accessibility as a necessary requirement rather than an asset. Actually, it is one of the most underestimated and ignored assets a hotel possesses naturally. Hotels spend a lot of money on accessibility measures, but they do not talk about nor communicate it in order to profit from the huge global potential of travelers just looking for information about their individual accessibility needs in order to be able to make rational booking decisions.

One of the largest obstacles for travelers with disabilities is simply a lack of information. So let’s give them the information and make it available in relevant booking and information platforms. This is where the team of inclusiveGreece with expertise of the globally unique Tourism for all certification and heart helps hoteliers to see and define the information and to make it available in order to make accessibility an unpayable asset of the hotel and a quality signature of service!

Reinhard Gangelmayer
Tourism Expert